The best tourist places in New Jersey recommended in 2022

The best tourist places in New Jersey 

The state of New Jersey is one of the most famous tourist places in the United States of America. It is located in the mid-Atlantic region and is considered a peninsula bordered on the north and east by New York State, on the south by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the west by the Delaware River

New Jersey is one of the richest states in terms of per capita income and is the fourth-smallest state in terms of area

New Jersey overlooks a large area of ​​wonderful beaches, which made it one of the best and most popular summer or beach tourist destinations that can be visited in the United States, in addition, New Jersey contains a good number of public parks and amusement parks.

Atlantic City

The city of Atlantic City in New Jersey is one of the most popular tourist destinations, besides being the home of the Miss USA contest, and has a group of the best nightclubs, and also contains many attractions that overlook the city's waterfront such as Gardner Basin Water and the famous boardwalk area

You can also find in Atlantic City a great selection of restaurants overlooking the beach and shopping areas

Ocean City

Ocean City is a beautiful city located in southern New Jersey. This city of about 12,000 people attracts more than one million visitors annually, and among the best tourist destinations that you can visit in the city is the Boardwalk area, and is famous as a popular summer tourist destination for families and families to spend the most beautiful times in the middle of the charming picturesque areas

Delaware water gap

The Delaware Gap is an ideal destination for nature lovers and nature excursions.

It stretches for 40 miles (65 km) and passes through part of the famous Delaware River, which runs through the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The Delaware Water Gap is an enchanting natural area found in the Delaware Water Gap National Park

Wild Wood

Wildwood is a beautiful small town that is known as a favorite vacation destination during the summer months, especially for New Yorkers and Philadelphia.

It has a wonderful history museum dedicated to the 1950s, The Doo-Wop Preservation League Museum.

This beautiful tourist city offers a lot of wonderful tourist places, which vary between beautiful tourist beaches, and amusement parks with huge spinning wheels or Ferris wheels.

 Six Flags Great Adventure theme park:

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, the largest amusement park and theme park near New York City, and its visitors can enjoy a ride inside the big carousel that soars into the sky 150 feet above the ground

Six Flags Great Adventure theme park has many great attractions worth visiting such as the Parachute Training Center and the Safari Off-Road Adventure safari park, home to 1,200 wild animals, world-famous magician Harry Houdini.

Another interesting ride that can be experienced when visiting the island is the roller coaster, which moves at a speed of 22 miles per hour

Spring Lake

Another popular New Jersey tourist destination, Spring Lake is located on the Atlantic Ocean and is known as one of the best beach destinations in the state.

Spring Lake Township offers 7 tennis courts, 2 swimming pools along the town's main beach, as well as a small shopping village

In addition to being a favorite fishing destination, especially in the lake area in the center of the city, which contains a lot of trout.


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