The 7 most famous tourist places for nights and parties in Sharm El-Sheikh - Egypt

The most famous tourist places for nights and parties in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it has several names, including the City of Peace, and the Jewel of Sinai. Attractive diving centers from which you can see the coral reefs that grow in abundance in the Red Sea.

  Sharm El-Sheikh has a mild climate throughout the year, summer and winter, and temperatures in winter range between 20 and 25 and rises to a few degrees in summer.

The most important places for nights and parties in Sharm El Sheikh

 Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh

The nightlife in Sharm El Sheikh is mainly concentrated in the Naama Bay area, the commercial and touristic area that is located on the waterfront.

 Naama Bay is famous for its beautiful beaches with magnificent coral reefs and the enchanting wild desert, with sand dunes and the charm of an oasis

 The Egyptian Riviera, which is Naama Bay in Sharm el-Sheikh, is a crescent of international hotels, cafes, casinos, and nightclubs.

When the sun sets and the air becomes fresh, Sharm El Sheikh lights up at night with dazzling parties

 There are many souvenir shops, restaurants, nightclubs, and shopping centers located on the main street, which attracts all visitors who want to shop and entertain.

And also try water sports (snorkeling, diving, kite surfing, and water skiing).

  Chee Cafe in Sharm El Sheikh  

   Cafe The The is the ideal place for visitors who want to smoke shisha or hookah. It offers a variety of tobacco flavors for your shishas, such as apples, different fruits, or mixing flavors

Chi Chi Cafe does not serve any alcohol, but there is a variety of fruit juices, soft drinks, and hot drinks like tea and coffee

The rooftop lounge at The Camel Bar has a cool ambiance with a comfortable sofa, sip some delicious drinks, and enjoy a good night out. 

Sinai Grand Casino

 Sinai Grand Casino is located near the Hyatt Regency Hotel and is considered one of the most famous tourist casinos in Sharm El Sheikh because it provides visitors with a variety of games, such as card games, roulette, poker, and many other games. These games are entertaining and popular with many visitors.

Every day at Sinai Grand Casino there are many events including poker tournaments

There are many eastern and western dance shows and many types of music, especially jazz and fire shows

Casino Royale

 It is an entertainment complex built according to the highest international standards. Part of a larger resort located between Naama Bay and the Sinai Mountains, the casino offers roulette, poker, blackjack, and more. Stay at the resort or simply try your luck

This casino has a great atmosphere with elegant columns, opulent chandeliers, and beautiful decor, with a classic design

 The designs of this casino are also inspired by the style of the ancient pharaohs, with gold and a blue marble.

 You can spend the most beautiful evenings in Casino Royale, eat the most beautiful meals, and drink many cold and hot drinks that this casino provides to its visitors.

Pasha Casino

 The centerpiece of the nightlife in Sharm El-Sheikh is a nightclub called Pasha Akbar, which is considered one of the most famous fenced nightclubs in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh in particular and in Egypt in general

Located in the heart of Naama Bay, this club opens every night. It features an atmosphere of stunning discos with a touch of oriental style

 In the evening they bring a world-renowned DJ, with several rooms, an indoor and outdoor pool, a house music club, great decor, and more.

 Every Sunday is characterized as a night full of all kinds of dancing, music, fun, and hip-hop

And every Saturday, it is filled with a group of different fun music and songs to spend the most beautiful nights out

Hard Rock Cafe

  It is located on the main promenade of Naama Bay and you will recognize it thanks to the giant guitar standing on the roof

  Hard Rock Café offers a variety of memorabilia from the history of rock 'n' roll in America

  Hard Rock Cafe is a world-famous rock-style restaurant and disco that offers American ambiance and cuisine.

  In the evening the restaurant turns into a nightclub with music and fun at parties and events on the weekend

  Also, Hard Rock Cafe is one of the most popular places in Sharm El Sheikh's nightlife

Little Buddha

 Located in Naama Bay next to Hard Rock Cafe, you will be presented by the Buddha statue and it is one of the best places in town

 This place is a unique combination of club and sushi bar and inside there is a restaurant and lounge bar, there is an outdoor terrace, and shisha service

 With its dazzling oriental-inspired gaudy décor, with a huge Buddha statue of Little Buddha standing out from the crowd in that it serves many types of sushi, some of the most amazing sashimi found anywhere else in Sharm El Sheikh.

And at 11 pm the place turns into a disco with DJs and local festivals, to attract tourists and young people who want to dance until late.

 Little Buddha serves a variety of delicious juices and cocktails, with the sweetest music and the prettiest girls.

  There you will find an atmosphere full of modern R&B music, in Little Buddha, the amazing atmosphere will take you away from a wonderful evening..

Space Charm  

   Space Sharm opened its doors to tourists in 2010 and has since become one of the most important places for nightlife in Sharm El Sheikh.

  This enormous club is divided into three very large parts: first the main hall is the largest with a waterfall. And also a balcony overlooking the sea and the lounge room where luxury is dominated

  Exciting laser show, great music, if you like hip hop or techno fast music. Be sure to find it at the festival as it suits all tastes, the entrance prices may seem expensive but it includes a couple of drinks

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