The best 6 activities when visiting Kilios Beach, Istanbul, Turkey

The best activities you can do when visiting Kilos Beach, Istanbul

Kilos Beach is one of the most important tourist beaches in Istanbul during the summer months because of its global tourism potential due to its privileged location on the Black Sea, clear turquoise waters, and soft sand, surrounded by green hills that provide a stunning nature.

Kilos Beach provides a series of high-end restaurants and cafes and entertainment services, which made it a destination for many local visitors and Arab and foreign tourists to spend the most beautiful and enjoyable times between the waters and the picturesque nature

Kilos Beach and the 5 best activities you can do during your visit

You can take the family and spend a fun day on Kilos Beach between bathing in the clear turquoise water or playing on the soft sand. If you are a fan of adventures, you can surf

If you are a fan of meditation and calm, you can sit on the beach at sunset to see the sea embracing the sun and you will find in the sky a wonderful overlap of the colors of clouds between the orange and brown colors a unique natural painting painted by the hand of the Creator Almighty

Kilos Beach, Istanbul, provides its visitors with a long walkway. You can practice your favorite sports, except walking, running, or cycling in the middle of the picturesque nature.

While visiting Kilos Beach, don't miss spending some time at night enjoying the nice cool breeze and having your favorite drink on the beach.

After spending a day full of fun and excitement at Kilos Beach, you can go for a delicious meal in one of the nearby restaurants that excel in preparing the most delicious authentic Turkish dishes. 

Hotels near Kilos Beach, Istanbul, Turkey

Grand Tarabya Istanbul Hotel is one of the best hotels in Istanbul facing the sea, 17.4 km from Kilos Beach

Received excellent reviews from visitors in terms of the site, services, and system

 Belek Istanbul Hotel is 4 stars, one of the best hotels in Istanbul, about 22.3 km from Kilos Beach.

Received excellent reviews from visitors in terms of the site, services, and system

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