Melbourne Zoo is one of the best places to visit in Australia

A trip to the Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo is one of the oldest parks in Australia and is an important tourist destination for many visitors to enjoy spending the most beautiful times with the family to see many different types of animals, where there are more than 320 species of animals of Australian origin and some from different countries of the world

The Melbourne Zoo was opened for the first time in 1862. The park is about 4 km from the heart of Melbourne. It is one of the three Victoria Gardens and the garden is surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes, trees, and plants covered on all sides 

You can do some activities during your trip to Melbourne Zoo

During your trip to the Melbourne Zoo, you can enjoy visiting the open zoo, which enables you to deal directly with different wild animals, especially the rare ones.

During your trip to the zoo, you can circulate the elephant corridor to see 5 of Thailand and also go to see the glass butterfly house, which has a large number of colorful and amazing butterflies

The garden has a large green area full of trees, flowers, and various plants that you can walk around during the trip to spend the most beautiful times in the middle of the beautiful landscape

The garden allows visitors to bring their food and drinks, and the garden also has some restaurants and cafeterias to provide food and drinks to visitors during their trip.

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