A trip to Melbourne Aquarium for marine life, Australia

A trip to the Melbourne Aquarium of Marine Life


  The Melbourne Aquarium for Marine Life is located on the banks of the Yarra River in Melbourne and is one of the most important tourist attractions in the beautiful city, and it includes the types of marine creatures that live in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

The current building was opened at the beginning of the second millennium in the form of a ship anchored on the river and the first basin is located in the center of the building and contains approximately 2 million tons of water where marine creatures swim around the visitors.

Activities you can do during your trip to Melbourne Aquarium

During your trip, you can tour the Mermaid Garden Aquarium, where there are gray sand sharks along with up to 2,000 species of marine creatures.

During the trip, you can see the crocodile’s den and the exciting tropical forests, as well as watch the jellyfish that children enjoy during the trip, and also watch the sea horse pier and the coral reef basin and many other exciting and fun things

During your trip, you and your family can roam around to see the most beautiful views of the marine creatures up close as they revolve around you and spend the most fun and exciting times in the Melbourne Aquarium

You can take an expedition in what looks like Antarctica with real ice and snow, which is designed to simulate the nature of life in Antarctica, where many types of fish live in Antarctica, as well as king and gentoo penguins

If you are a fan of adventures, during the trip, you can dive in the huge shark tank accompanied by one of the trainers, such as watching sharks closely, as well as watching sevens and other types of fish, which also includes the Great Barrier Reef 

During the trip, you can have some drinks in the cafes on the ground floor and others on the upper floor, and also buy some souvenirs from the gift shop located in the aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium dates

The visit starts at 9.30 am until 6 pm

The last time to enter the aquarium is 5 pm

Aquarium entry prices

For children from 3 to 12 years old, the entry price is 28 Australian dollars

For adults aged 13 and over, the entry price is 42 Australian dollars

Hotels near Melbourne Aquarium

The 5-star QT Hotel is one of the best hotels in Australia, 600 meters from the Melbourne Aquarium

He got good reviews from visitors in terms of location, service, order, and cleanliness. Some visitors complained about the lack of privacy in the bathrooms

The Westin 5-star hotel is one of the best hotels in Melbourne, 300 meters from the Aquarium

Received excellent reviews from visitors in terms of service, location, order, and cleanliness

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