Tourist archaeological sites in the Egyptian city of Aswan

 Tourist archaeological sites in Aswan

Aswan was known as “Suno” in the ancient Egyptians, meaning the market, as it was a commercial center for caravans coming to and from Nubia. A graveyard for the kings of Nubia who lived there for thousands of years.

First, the incomplete obelisk in the city of Aswan

The incomplete obelisk is located in the northern region of the quarries of ancient Egypt, and it is the largest known historical obelisk

It is about a kilometer from the Nile River, and it is one of the most important and most famous monuments of the city of Aswan

Queen Hatshepsut ordered the construction of the obelisk between 1508 / 1458 BC, and it is considered the largest ancient Egyptian obelisk

The incomplete obelisk in the city of Aswan provides an unusual insight into the methods of ancient Egyptian stonework and the tools used by workers at that time.

The obelisk remained incomplete because, during the process of sculpting it in the rocks, some cracks appeared in the granite, so its completion was abandoned and it was given this name due to that.

Activities you can do

You and your family can walk around and over the obelisk and take the most beautiful memorial photos of this wonderful family area

When you enter the quarry, some steps take you to the bottom of the obelisk, where there are some ancient inscriptions and drawings of birds, dolphins, and ostriches.

The incomplete obelisk is located in front of the Fatimid cemetery, which dates back to the end of the seventh century AD

And you can enjoy a picnic on the banks of the Nile and take a cruise using sailing boats to spend a fun and beautiful time

Working hours to visit

From 7 in the morning until 4 in the evening

Hotels near The Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan

The 5-star Sofitel Old Cataract is 900 meters from the Unfinished Obelisk

It is characterized by a beautiful location, excellent service, and food for Zizou, and it is considered one of the most famous hotels in Egypt

Secondly, the Nubian Museum in Aswan

It was built by UNESCO to display the ancient Egyptian and Nubian antiquities, and it includes a large group of antiquities,

The museum also displays the Nubian language, customs, and traditions of the Nubians

The Nubian Museum Aswan contains 3000 pieces of Egyptian antiquities representing different eras, and among the exhibits are 90 large and rare pieces.

Activities you can do

You can first walk around the building as it is surrounded by gardens, trees, some caves, and some huge artifacts

Then enter to wander inside the halls of the museum, which has been dedicated to the Nubian culture and civilization and contains archaeological pieces representing thousands of years.

The museum displays the importance of the ancient Nubian civilization and its quarries, as they included diorite quarries, which are considered a source of precious stones.

You can take many souvenir photos from inside the museum of animal models of different shapes and sizes, especially the horses that appear in a beautiful suit.

Inside the museum, there is the Nubian Industries Hall, where the artistic paintings that illustrate them, such as the shipbuilding industry

Inside the museum, there is the Hall of Islamic Civilization the Hall of Roman Civilization, and other civilizations that influenced the Nubian Civilization

Then at the end of the tour, take some memorial photos of the jewels, crowns, precious stones displayed, tools, household utensils, pottery, and copper utensils dating back thousands of years

Working hours to visit the Nubian Museum.

Morning shift from 9 am to 1 pm

Evening shift from 4 pm to 8:30 pm

Hotels near Nubian Museum

The closest hotel to the Nuba Museum is the 4-star Basma Hotel, 200 meters from the Nuba Museum

The service is excellent, the food is delicious, and the place is quiet and beautiful

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