One of the most important tourist areas in Barcelona, Spain (Rambla Street)

Tourism in Barcelona

Barcelona is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Spain because of its elements of world tourism, where there are many historical tourist attractions, museums, and different architectural styles, and tourists from all over the world come to it to enjoy and spend enjoyable times in this beautiful city

Where it has the Sagrada Familia, Ramila Street, Guell Garden, Barcelona Botanical Garden, Gothic Quarter, Horta Labyrinth Garden, Barcelona Zoo, Plaza Catalunya, Camp Nou, and Palazzo Balauguel

We will tour together on a tourist picnic through this article to learn about the most important features of these beautiful and fun places in Barcelona

One of the best tourist places in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia Church (details)

One of the most important tourist areas in Barcelona, ​​Spain (Rambla Street)

Ramila Street is one of the most famous tourist areas in Barcelona, ​​Spain, as it extends

about 12 km in length and connects Catalonia Square with the city center and ends with Christopher Columbus Beach on the Mediterranean Sea.

Ramila Street is the main street in the city of Barcelona, ​​in the morning it is full of tourists and street vendors, but in the evening the street is full of people, and the parties start until dawn

The street is full of restaurants, cafeterias, cafes, and nightclubs, and it is always crowded with tourists and city owners

Activities you can do on the Rambla Al Rambla Street There are many shops selling souvenirs at reasonable prices for all tourists. There is also the La Boqueria market for daily needs, it is a well-known shopping center on La Rambla

You can take memorial photos with some people who wear bright clothes and present funny shows for entertainment on Al Rambla Street

You can have a meal in one of the restaurants on the left of the street, and also drink a cup of coffee in one of the cafes on the street, which is covered with beautiful and harmonious trees.

Some plastic artists draw portraits of people in this street full of tourists and residents of this beautiful city.

Barcelona hotels Ramblas Catalonia Avenue Hotel is one of the best Barcelona hotels, 200 meters from Rambla Street and located in the center of Barcelona It received excellent reviews in terms of location, service, and cleanliness

Catalonia Plaza Catalunya Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Barcelona, ​​0.8 km away from Al Rambla Street It received excellent reviews in terms of location, service, and cleanliness

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